I’m a freelance videographer with ten years of experience practising within the Media Industry both theoretically and practically. I graduated with a Second Upper-Class Degree BA Honours in Media Production at Coventry University.

To this day, I work with Educational Innovation and Technology sub-department located in Coventry as an Educational Producer. I’ve filmed and edited a number of talks, conferences, promotional videos, and designed and created illustrations for an online learning app.

Very open to the aspect of learning new methods of film-making and learning technology, I’m currently a part of an Erasmus+ project designing and creating e-learning resources for Cult_Risk as a Creative Technician, which finished in February 2021. 

To date, I’ve co-created the initiative, Virtual Escape Rooms (VERs), an adaptation of the ‘Escape Rooms’ methodology in online learning to facilitate active learner-led activities within Microsoft Teams to combat the current challenges of a global pandemic in Higher Education. I’ve also created a number of modules to assist the new CU group-wide initiative to house peer-to-peer mentoring programmes and assess user engagement. This project is in partnership with the international company, Vygo, which supports the Vygo application that hosts the programmes, peer mentors and mentees.

Already with a set of skills such as cinematography, sound operating, directing and script writing; I’m also classed as a Certified Associate in Adobe Premiere Pro and have editing experience with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdowns, I’ve been distracting myself with candle-making in my spare time to focus my creative energy on something productive in my extra spare time.